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revealing the dirty water concealed in sewers and the human breast

Originally under the name of Blue Train in 2010, Nick Pansino, Charles Pansino and Derek Gardner went on to win one of the first coveted ECC Battle of the Bands. Disbanded for a short time after as all members started playing in side projects.
However, in early to mid 2013 they joined once more as the band Dirty Water. They released the kickstart late 2013-early 2014 Streetlight Sessions at Falling Sun Studios and finished a blues-esque cover album- Raw Roots in August.
In February of 2016, they released their first single-track recorded original album, One Percent.





Charles Pansino of Dirty Water
Charles Pansino
has been playing the drums for over ten years, combining styles such as Jazz, Latin, Soul, Rock and Reggae to create a distinct and flavorful style. He currently lives in Bartlett, Illinois where he works at Falling Sun Studios.



Nick Pansino of Dirty Water
Nick Pansino is, as a friend of Dirty Water once said, “a fireball.” His unique and passionate guitar playing brings excitement and charisma to each performance. Nick Pansino has been working as anengineer for over five years, and currently is the engineer/producer at Falling Sun Studios.




Derek Gardner of Dirty Water
Derek Gardner has come from what is tough and brought that ruggedness into his music and lyrical content. Mr. Gardner plays with a gritty bass style that punches the pocket, and a flarey tinge which brings fire and energy. He currently lives in South Elgin, Illinois, and works at Falling Sun Studios.